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Obesity, hypertension and related health issues in Turkey



The results of Turkey’s Health Survey 2012 just published by Turkey Statistical Institute (TÜİK) make fascinating reading for actuaries involved in mortality projections and pricing life, critical illness and health products.


The headline figures relate to the BMI and obesity statistics. 17.2% of over 15s in Turkey are classed as obese – with a BMI over 30. 34.8% are counted as overweight (BMI: 25-30), 44.2% as normal (BMI: 18.5-30) and 3.9% as underweight (BMI under 18.5).

The following table contains detailed information, including a split between urban and rural populations:


Linked to obesity, figures for hypertension were disclosed as 13.2% for over 15s. 6.8% suffer from diabetes.

Public awareness of the risks involved can be seen from the fact that over the last 12 months, 48.6% of the population aged over 15 have had their blood pressure tested. Over the same period, 33% had their blood-sugar level tested and 30.4% had their cholesterol levels tested. In all cases, women were more likely to have been tested than men.

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