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Incidence rates for illness and disease


Tables published as part of Turkey’s Health Survey 2012 issued by Turkey Statistical Institute (TÜİK) this month contain information about incidence rates of certain illnesses and diseases, of relevance in pricing for life, disability, critical illness and health products.

The analysis in this article is based on table 4 which covers the percentage of diseases/health problems diagnosed in the over 15 population by a medical doctor. A similar table, table 3, contains data on the incidence rates of the same illnesses and diseases, but based on self-declaration. As expected, rates in table 3 are some 1-3 percentage points above those in table 4.

The number one medical condition listed in the table is hypertension, with a diagnosed incidence rate of 12.8% (8.5% for males and 17.1% for females).


Following this, in the top 5, were back problems (10.9%), rheumatoid arthritis (7.9%), gastric ulcers (7.2%) and diabetes (6.7%).


Sadly, there was no detail published in terms of different age groups. These total population incidence rates are high when we take into account the youthfulness of Turkey’s population.


Incidence rates for some of the major killers are as follows:

Coronary heart disease: 4.1%

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: 2.9%

Chronic heart failure: 1.2%

Heart attacks: 0.9%

Strokes: 0.9%

Cancer 0.6%

The incidence rate for TPD as a result of accident was reported as 0.8%.


The full table, including analysis by sex and by urban/rural population is reproduced below:




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