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Skyscrapers and the move to Asia


Levent, Karaköy, Nişantaşı …. it used to be that all of the insurance companies in İstanbul were in the same neighbourhood. But with the development of new office business districts companies are on the move.

Avoiding the nightmare of İstanbul’s rush hour traffic, with horrendous jams on each of the bridges than span the Bosphorus, a significant number have crossed to the Asian side of the city.
Some of these office blocks are small and purpose-built. Others are giant skyscrapers.  With the wealth of new office construction that has taken place in recent years, Turkey now has the highest number of skyscrapers (office blocks over 70 metres tall) of any country in Europe, with 417 of them.
Turkey’s oldest skyscraper is the 39-storey Akbank tower, dating from 1993 and standing 158 metres high. Its tallest is İstanbul Sapphire, with its 54 storeys, which at 261 metres is the 7th tallest building in Europe.  These are both in Levent, on the European side of the city. Not quite so tall as Sapphire, but nearby,  Yaşam ve Emeklilik Is based in the Yapı Kredi Plaza and Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik is in the İş Kuleleri. You look up to them from street-level, but down to them from the viewing platform at the top of the Sapphire!
Kozyatağı and Ümraniye on the Asian side of İstanbul are fast becoming home to new clusters of insurance company head offices. Allianz has for many years been in Altunizade, and so too was Commercial Union (the forerunner of AvivaSA). Aegon is the latest company to make the move to Asia, joining a group of companies in Kozyatağı.
Life & pensions companies in Ümraniye:
Asya Emeklilik
CiV Hayat
Ergo Emeklilik ve Hayat
Katılım Emeklilik
Life & pensions companies in Kozyatağı/Ataşehir:
Acibadem Sağlık ve Hayat
Aegon Emeklilik ve Hayat
Cigna Finans Emeklilik ve Hayat
Fiba Emeklilik ve Hayat
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