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Sectoral News
Don't launch a takeover the middle of March


Why not? Because it will be impossible to find an actuary in Turkey during the middle two weekends of the month, for we will all be in training!

Mirroring the requirements for CPD around the world, the regulations governing our Actuarial Registration and Practicing Certificates require 5 days of training over 2 years.

Rather than allowing members of the profession to select training that is suitable to their own experience and work-requirements, the Turkish solution to this issue is to provide a 5-day course every 2 years that is mandatory for every member of the profession to attend.

Newly qualifieds and seasoned industry veterans, pensions consultants and non-life actuaries alike, we will all be at SEGEM's training on 16th-18th March, and will gather together again the following weeked, 24th-25th March.

The nine page document covering the education contains detailed provisions concerning payment, forfeiture of the fee if we cannot attend, even telling us that every session will have a register we need to sign to confirm our presence. (There is no exam, not even a quiz to see if we have been listening rather than checking our emails on our iphones, just a certificate for taking part and the threat of losing our actuarial registration if we don't attend).

However, the guidebook is very short on information about the syllabus and trainers. It simply lists the subjects:

* Financial Tables and Analysis

* Types of Financial Tables

* Financial Ratios

* Valuation of Insurance and Pension Companies

* Calculation of Risk-Based Capital


* The financial concept and actuaries

No detail of exactly what will be covered, no detail of the level - and no trainers' names.

Assuming I don't go down with chicken pox on the 15th I will be there (if I do, how will that affect my actuarial registration?) .... hoping I go away with some positives to report. At the very least, it's a networking opportunity. Perhaps we will learn plenty from each other over the coffee breaks.

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