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New statistics no surprise to actuaries!

The Turkish Statistics Institute (Turk-Sat) has just started to issue annual statistics concerning deaths in Turkey. None of the headline figures will come as any surprise to actuaries, although newspapers are busy reporting them. The really interesting information will be in the details, which soon will be on their website. The publication covers death figures, broken down into sex, age and region.

According to the report, 367,971 people died in Turkey in 2009.

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Circulatory system disease and cancer the biggest killers in Turkey

The Turkish Statistical Institute has just published figures related to causes of death for the 2013. When added to last year’s statistics covering 2010-2012 we gain a detailed picture into the effect of Turkey’s biggest killers over recent years.

Over 50% of the deaths in each of these four years were due to diseases of the circulatory system (mainly heart-attacks and cerebra-vascular disease) and cancer.

For 2013 nearly 40% of deaths were related to the circulatory system and just over 20% related to cancer. 

For cancer, the major killer is lung cancer and cancer of the respiratory system.

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Estimating the total population mortality rate for 2013

It’s the time of the year when the Turkish Statistical Institute publishes its death statistics for the previous year. Actuaries are synonymous with mortality rates, so these figures are of great interest to us. Sadly, as reported last year, the published figures only give details about the number of deaths – equivalent to the dx’s of a total population mortality table.

Nevertheless they are still useful. The total number of deaths recorded in Turkey in 2013 was 327,094. Of this figure 205,028 related to men and the remaining 167,066 related to women.

So far, so good; but we’re really interested in the qx’s – the rate of mortality by age and sex of the total population

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IBNR and unclaimed death benefits

Turkey’s state sector has made rapid strides in computerising many aspects of life. Visitors to Turkey can now apply for an e-visa on line. Citizens can track and pay their tax and social security bills on line. We can also check details on our traffic insurance policies.

Towards the end of last year, the Office of Population Statistics opened up its databases to insurance companies and a directive from the Treasury required companies to search through the database of deaths for their lives insured to see whether they had any incurred but not yet reported claims.

Fair enough, but what made companies lobby for the directive to be recalled or its implementation to be delayed is the fact that it required an IBNR claims reserve to be set up for the amount so discovered.

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